Thursday, July 27, 2006


Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant. Yesterday was a hydrant day for me. Not the whole day, just the work part of the day. Ah well. After a good night's sleep, I'm over it.

I left the house yesterday around 7:45am and got home last night around 10:15pm. It was a loooooong day. The dogs were all set though as my cousin's husband, Chris, came to let them out for me after work. I hate being gone all day from them - I really hate it. But, we had a flyball decisions to make regarding the tourney we're hosting in December. I walked into the meeting knowing full well it was going to go a certain way regardless of how we voted so I didn't really argue. I wasn't thrilled with the choice of venues (one way too expensive but nice, the other too small but affordable) so we chose the lesser of two evils - which was what would've been chosen anyway.

The pool installation has been rescheduled. Due to equipment problems, it'll be installed on Monday instead of Friday. After speaking with the group last night, I'll postpone the BBQ until after it's complete so the kids will have plenty to do while it's going on. :) Maybe that will give whomever I hire time to extend the deck to it.

I have a Dr's appt this afternoon so I'll be out of work early and home earlier than normal. Which makes me feel better about being away so much yesterday. I have laundry to do and I've been eyeing those dishes so it might just be time to tackle at least one of the bowls in the sink. :) I say that now but....who knows. I have to remember to stop and get gas for the mower today or tomorrow so I can mow the lawn at some point. Yeah, I know - I'll forget. :)


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