Tuesday, January 2, 2007

ambitious thinking

...or crazy talk. You decide.

While driving to work this morning, I started thinking about New Year resolutions. Generally I don't make resolutions. If I feel strongly about changing something, I'm just gonna do it. I don't need no stinkin' year change to do it. That's my normal train of thought.

This morning I thought I would be different. Maybe I'd make a resolution. It must still count even if it's a couple of days later than the rest of the world, right? So then I pondered what to resolute on. Stop smoking? Well, it's been my plan (regardless of the countless times I've already tried to quit), to quit at 35. Studies have shown that the body can basically reverse all the damage caused by smoking if the person quits by 35. So, I'm quitting. In 9 days. Hmmm. You might not want to read this in 9 days - I can't guarantee I'm going to be pleasant. ;) Ok, so that's out since it's gonna happen anyway.

What else. Lose weight? Sure! I mean, who can't afford to lose a few pounds? Since I got kicked off the Nordic Trac, that hasn't really been happening. So sure, that could be it. But, again, I was already on the lookout for a recumbent bike (which I'm picking up tomorrow), so that was already in process.

What else? Well, I do curse like a truck driver. I could stop that... Heck, I'm sure the people around me would greatly appreciate that! But, I don't want to so I guess they're shit out of luck. ;)

Then something popped into my head. Observation. I could observe more. I could blog about what I observe. That would be cool! And it's not even that stupid! Most people go through life nose to the ground, caught up in how the latte shop down the street clearly doesn't add enough syrup and how that asshole cut them off this morning. The power of observation is, well, powerful. :)

So that's the plan. I'm still reticent to call it a resolution but whatever. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, etc., etc.

My observation today? I need to shave my cat's butt. Yup. I noticed that today. Don't you now feel complete? She has a big ol' knot near her butt that I need to shave off. Can't wait.

Yeah, maybe I should go back to blogging in the morning, huh? Maybe tomorrow's observation will be less nauseating. Probably not. :p

Yeah. I'm gonna go watch more of Leland. Those arms. Those tattoos. A good boy in a bad boy's body. heh Yum. :)


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