Tuesday, January 23, 2007

boring night

All I did was homework, that was it. Got the exercises I needed to, done and did the practice exam 16 times. Looks like I have a bit more learnin' to do. :) I was up until midnight and tonight looks to be the same since I have a mid-term.

I had some more odd dreams last night. I bought a house my parents used to live in. My Dad was still living there, although I had no idea where he was going. Couldn't tell you where my Mother was, but her shoes were there. It was an older house and it had some incredible woodwork throughout the place. I was thinking once I got the 40 years of paint off, it'd be gorgeous. The dryer was in room separate from the washer, lying on it's side because it was too tall. I know, weird.

Then it switched to me helping a co-worker and his girlfriend commit fraud. I dunno. I just report the dreams. Anyway, he had a really old book on maps and it was worth a mint so they staged a theft. I really didn't do anything actually ('cuz I'm a good girl), it was all them. I did, however, point out that there wasn't an accurate void in the dust to say where it was taken from. That and the police would never believe them because there were also 2 jewelry boxes in the same closet it was supposed to have been. Clearly I need to cut back on my CSI intake.

After that, I was with a couple of friends building furniture. They were having a party and needed to finish them up quickly so I was helping. For some reason, Sue was there, but not her wife Lisa, and Kim was there, but not her girlfriend Heidi. (I have a group of all gay friends, I'm usually the token straight kid when we're all together) Anyway, Kim doesn't know a lot about that kind of stuff so it was comical to see her try and help. Then it was time for the party. Within seconds everyone showed up and I realized I knew 90% of the people. Friends that I knew were gay, but didn't know they knew my friends. Again, I was the token straight kid, which never bothered me (nor does it in real life.)

That was it. Nothing too out-there. I have to buy more patches today so maybe there will be better ones tonight. That is one good side effect of these things - gives me something to look forward to because I don't often remember dreams otherwise.

I haven't been completely honest on here. I've cheated on the smoking thing a couple of times more than I reported. Not a ton, really just a couple. I'm embarrassed that I don't have the personal strength to not give in when I'm alone. But, I'm not giving up. Next week Mag will be here from Australia so she can police me. :)

I have a half day at work today. I need to take all of the kids back to the vet for bloodwork and follow-ups. They all completed their medication on Sunday so now it's on to round two. I think my morning is filled with meetings as well, which means I'll get nothing done. I hate meetings. They're such a waste of time.

I got an offer on the credenza, but I've already made other arrangements with another couple to come and look at it on Thursday. Hopefully it will be gone soon. :)

Ok, I gotta jet.


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