Friday, January 26, 2007

Mag's in the states!

I got an IM late last night from Mag saying she made it to Vegas. Woohoo! Less than a week and she'll be up here. I can't wait! Maybe I should plan a dinner...hmmm. I'll think on it.

So yesterday flew by. I've been analyzing web statistics for the last 2 days and my eyes cross just thinking about what more there is to do. I went to Flatbreads with the guys - had a good time there. Stopped by Barnes & Noble to pick up a book (honestly, just one) and then hit the bank to make a deposit. Back to work until 6 or so and then met Mario for a beer at Flatbreads. Left there around 7'ish and got home in time to meet the people for the credenza. They liked it, paid my asking price, and loaded it up into their van. By then it was around 8:30-9'ish. I checked my mail, checked my school boards, played with the dogs, watched an episode of CSI Miami, and cuddled with the pups under a blanket. Then it was time for bed!

I just realized that I have to get some real food in me today. Yesterday consisted of nothing by tea, beer, and pizza. :-p I think the Border Cafe is now open down the street - maybe I'll head there and get a salad with Blackened Salmon. Yum!

Anyway, this weekend is packed. I plan on getting some schoolwork done tonight as I won't have a ton of time over the weekend to do it. Tomorrow I have a flyball meeting and then Cathy & I are supposed to head over to see a show at the Middle East. She's been real busy lately and has something to do for work on Sunday so I'm not sure if she's still up for it. I'll find out today. Sunday I think there's practice, then I'm meeting with the tax guy, then it's off to Redbones for brunch with Glen, Elissa, Mario, Jonah, and a bunch of other people. Should be fun!

Mag is flying in on Thursday - I'm picking her up at Logan. I know we have dinner plans with my Dad at some point... I'll have to shore those up. I know Kim & Cathy wanted to get together with her while she was here. We'll see what happens - we want to have a fair amount of relaxing time too!!

Oh, and after yesterday's commute home, I'd like to amend my earlier curse to Volvo station wagon drivers and just lump *all* Volvo drivers together. We need to give them their own highways so the rest of us can stay sane. And if you drive a Volvo? Please evaluate your driving and adjust accordingly. Believe it or not, the rest of us are in this world too so if you could get your head out of your ass and be aware of that while driving, the streets of the world would be a much nicer, and safer place.



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