Monday, January 8, 2007

rainy Monday

Before I forget, yesterday's observation was about music. I got a few Beatles CDs for Xmas, which I've been listening to non-stop. After singing along to 20+ songs, I started thinking about lyrics; specifically how many songs I could sing along to. How much brain space is taken by lyrics? Think about it, turn on your favorite station and see how many songs you can sing. Even stuff from childhood - I still know the Itsy Bitsy Spider, don't you? I can remember songs from 30 years ago, why can't I remember what I ate yesterday? Because my brain is filled with song lyrics. :) We only use a small percentage of our brain for critical thinking because the rest is just a big harddrive filled with songs!

The tourney on Saturday was good - just stupidly long. We seem to have at least one conversation that is weird, bizarre, or strange. This time, it was about the Swedish, holiday tradition of a goat that brought presents or beat you with a stick. This was apparently before Old Saint Nick came along. Hmmmm...a piece of coal or a beating, let me think. Every year they have a 30 foot goat made out of sticks they set up that "vandals" light on fire. Ummm.. ok. If I got beaten with a stick by a goat, I'd light the sucker on fire too. :)

Yesterday I visited Ellin. We went out for lunch and then watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 while stuffing things into boards. I'd use the proper terminology but I don't know it. :) The boards are the green things that run machines - like in a computer - except these don't run a computer, they do something else. :) I enjoy it - it's like a puzzle or rolling up coins - mindless work that keeps your hands busy.

After that I helped get stuff ready for dinner, sat in front of the fire, and watched the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It was a Johnny Depp day. :) Oh wait, every day is a Johnny Depp day! Yum. :)

Today I'm having the sound wave surgery thingy done. Fun.

I'll observe something later - I have to jet for this thingy. :)


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