Friday, January 19, 2007


I blabbed so much yesterday I don't have much to say!

It snowed last night. It was that good snowman-making kind of snow - the stuff that sticks together really well. I stood outside enjoying the prettiness of it all and thinking. No shock there, I know. I'm not sure why this is, but all of the dogs like to catch snowballs. Not huge things that you'd have a fight with, just small ones they can chew on. So I started throwing snow at them all, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Freddie & Pacie didn't even start fighting! It was a good way to end that night. :)

I have lunch with the fellas today. We'll probably go to Flatbreads like we always do. It's a good thing they have good beer. :)

I'm babysitting TJ tonight. Holly and Rob are going to drop him off so they can see the BU hockey game. I was only going to do homework tonight so it matters not if there's a sleeping child next to me while I do it. :)

I cheated last night - I had a smoke. I didn't have a pack though, so I'll just call it a hiccup and move on. I'm better today anyway. :)

TGIF dude.


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