Monday, January 22, 2007


So, I did both last night, some homework and watched the game. Of course now I wish I hadn't seen the game. Actually, it really was an incredible comeback - just not the outcome I was looking for. This isn't a sports blog so I'm not going to pretend to know what went wrong. I will say that the last Colts touchdown looked like a waltz instead of a defense. Did he struggle *at all* to get over that line? Didn't look it to me. I won't even go into the interception. Ugh.

By the way, taking practice exams while watching the playoffs - *Not* a good idea. I think I failed 3 of them before I said screw it and concentrated on the game. I really hope that's not an indication of what the mid-term results will be. ;-p

Anyway, I didn't get much homework done, which means that's *all* I'll be doing tonight. No TV for me young lady. Only 3 weeks left of this class. I'm not feeling particularly challenged right now so I'm not all that excited about it. Hopefully the next class will be better. Or this one will get harder. Whatever.

I've been wearing the patch more these days. It seems I can go 3 days or so before I give in to the temptation of smoking and cheat. So, now I just wear the patch 24/7. What I really need is someone to answer to - not myself. I need someone here saying 'you smoked today, didn't you' or 'good job on not smoking today'. You can justify anything to yourself so when it's just you doing the policing, well... that just doesn't work for me. :) But, it'll have to do! So, now I wear the patch 24/7. :)

One of the great side effects of the patch is the dreams it causes. I remember them more when I have it on and let me tell you, they're a little.... odd. :) The other night I dreamed of an old high school friend that I haven't seen in years. He found me in a tree stump. I don't know what I was doing in a tree stump, that's just where I was. I didn't need saving, I was just hanging around and he didn't think I needed saving, he just started talking to me like it's completely normal to come across a friend you haven't seen in 17 years sitting inside a tree stump. Yeah, that kind of odd.

When I went to bed last night, I concentrated on one or two things hoping I could direct the dreams. I laid there for about an hour and a half wondering why I wasn't falling asleep. Then I remembered the 12+ hours of sleep I got the night before. And the 48 cups of tea I had during the day. Duh. Anyway, there were a couple of different dreams, but I can only remember a few things from each.

In one of them, I was driving somewhere and I saw that a burned house on the side of the road (with these dreams it could've been *in* the road so I thought I'd clarify.) I stopped to look at the house and started walking around where the house had been. There were no floors or walls - they had been burned away completely. There were 4 charred posts and half of a jagged roof. In the dream I think I knew who had lived there before and so was bothered by the fire. I think I found something that belonged to said person and took it so I could give it to him/her when I saw them next.

In the next dream, I was at work. I was sick or tired and had driven into work at 5am or so. My office mate found me when she came in. I was sleeping with my head on the desk, wrapped in a towel. Apparently I hadn't bothered to brush or dry my hair. We had to go to a work function but I couldn't tell you what for. I went in my towel, sat down at a table in a corner, and put my head down. I remember being woken up by people looking to see if the seats around me were taken. By the time I woke up and stayed awake (in the dream), someone had taken my seat, I was kneeling on the floor with my head on the table, and I was surrounded by people I didn't know. I remember someone smoking near me and I was pissed because it was a non-smoking section so I got up and left. Me and my towel, still wrapped around my head.

The next thing I can remember, I was walking through what looked to be a high scale mall, but knew it to be my office building. I was trying to get back to my office when I went down a corridor. It changed from carpeting and sage green walls to rustic, rough, white marble on the floor and walls. It led me down into a bathroom that was beyond gorgeous (I should really sketch it out - I can't believe I could dream up something so beautiful) and quite clearly not for women.... or heterosexual men. The men there were agitated because there was a blue skunk in there with them. I apologized, and made the sound I used to make for Skootchie - a pssst sound - then turned around and left with the blue skunk prancing after me. Me, my towel, and my blue skunk.

I was going to head back to my office and feed my little friend when he (and I'm sure the blue skunk was a he) darted off into a restaurant. It wasn't the cafe, it was a restaurant. Apparently I work in an up-scale office building in my dreams. So I went in and called to him. I couldn't see him but knew he had found a female skunk and was, umm, busy. :) Before I left, I saw a guy that was sitting at a bar facing me. There was a baby skunklet (the regular old black and white kind) on the floor which he picked up. He had it right in front of his face and it farted, which started smelling up the place with that skunk smell. Everyone in the restaurant groaned and he put the skunk in his mouth sideways to hold it. The little skunklet was content to just lie there with half of him (yes, I'm sure that one was a he too) sticking out of the guys mouth. Apparently that's just what they do when a skunk farts on you. Those crazy kids. When I was leaving my buddy the blue skunk came prancing out from behind the bar the man was sitting at and we left, his steps being a little more spry than before. Me, my towel, and my blue skunk.

And that's all I can remember. I'm not sure what any of that means, or what it says about my subconscious mind. If any of you are psychologists, please feel free to let me know just how demented I am. Twisted stuff, huh?

And now I'm off to work, without my towel nor my buddy, the blue skunk.


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