Monday, January 1, 2007

This one's for you Paula

'Cuz I know you've been waiting patiently. :) (Or not so patiently!) lol

Fingers crossed that this year is better than last!

I don't think I'd be able to handle totaling my car right before Xmas (technically the year before), getting evacuated from my house by boat, replacing every major system that makes a house a house, dealing with the insurance company for all of that, being woken up at 6:30am every morning (including Sunday) while they were building CVS, losing my girl to liver failure (...sniff...), *STILL* dealing with my back from the car accident 2 1/2 years ago, and finding out my boys have Lepto.

Oh yeah. Good year. 2007 *has* to be better!

Of course I did get the pool last year so that was a good thing. Oh yeah, I think I got Pacie last year too. Hmmm, not sure which category *that* should go in! Kidding! (kinda...)

The holidays were great and I was really busy traveling around the world. Sue brought the baby on Xmas Eve and she got a few pictures of Mema holding Neely. I'm hoping there are many more photo ops so fingers crossed (again.)

I was *exhausted* after Xmas but I was a trooper and went into work. That only lasted for 2 days tho'. I worked from home on Thursday and had Friday off for a 5 day weekend. Swweeeet. :)

I went out to dinner with all the girls on New Years Eve and laughed so much I almost pissed my pants. :) There's no way you can be out with them and not laugh your ass off - it's too freakin' comical. We did get quite a number of dirty looks from other, older patrons even though we were tucked into the corner, away from the general population. ;)

I was going to sit in front of the fire pit but it was wet and cold out and we all know how well I do with the cold. :) So I went to bed around 10:30 and read for a while. However I was aware of when the years changed. My friend from North Carolina sent me a text message wishing me a HNY. Eric will you knock that shit off? You woke me up! Shortly afterwards the dogs started barking - apparently they were less than pleased by the fireworks they heard.

Today I went out once, to get coffee and a bagel, and haven't left the house since. :) Now that's my kind of relaxing day! I only wish I had a fireplace here....sigh. It's non-negotiable with the next house. Seriously.

But, I got a bunch done in between being a lazy shit. :) Laundry is done, dishes are done, some of the Xmas presents are put away (not the tree tho', I'm not ready to give up the lights :) ), I made soup for lunch (from scratch - you know you're jealous), got the Pins bathed, and got all the dogs nails dremeled. Not too shabby....

Needless to say, I'm actually ready to go back to work feeling wonderfully refreshed and optimistic. :) I'm sure they'll crush that out of me in the first week, but it will be nice while it lasts.

School starts back up this week - the 4th I think. I got my transcript from school and my gpa went down to a 3.97. I'm no longer smart, I'm just smaht. Ah well. :) I should really figure out which class is next so I can get my shit together now.

I've decided to pull Freddie from the tourney this weekend. He's been responding well to treatment and as long as he doesn't pee in water that other dogs can drink, he's fine. He's not even contagious if dogs drink out of the same water bowl. But where there are a ton of dogs there, I'd rather not take the chance. He has Lepto, which the vet and I think he got from flood water coming back up during the heavy August rains we had. The good news is that he will eventually be cured. The bad news is that we won't ever know how much damage his kidney will have sustained by the time he is cured.

And finally, I'm on the hunt for a recumbent bike. If anyone has one gathering dust in the attic, feel free to let me know. :) The foot dr told me I couldn't go for walks anymore or use my Nordic Trac. So I'm looking for a recumbent. I'm seriously hoping she'll recant those instructions after the shockwave treatment. I think that's January 8th. I can't keep track of all this crap. :)

Ok, time for bed. Don't look for me in the morning as I'm sure I'll wake up late. Again. Like always.


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