Sunday, January 28, 2007

where did the time go...

I have no idea where tonight went. It's 9pm, almost bed time, and I have no idea what happened to the evening. Just one of those days I guess.... I broke 2 more nails (couldn't tell you how) - I knew I should've cut them all down. So, I cut them all down. I just won't touch anything for the next couple of days. :) Typing is so weird!

So I had flyball practice this morning - that went well. Then it was off to Dad's to meet with the accountant (he makes house calls) to get my taxes done. Thankfully I'm getting a refund! I wasn't sure with the whole flood thing. After that, it was off to Redbones for lunch.

Man, it's hard getting that many people together in such a small place! I think after all was said and done there were 21 of us. Oh, and there are pictures. :) Don't forget to read the comments. ;) Be forewarned, there are a freakin' billion of Mario - he likes self portraits. Apparently. We had fun, as if you couldn't tell. :)

Oh wow. Look at the time....



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