Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Vet appt: Millie needs to see a chiropractor for her back. I need to do some deep tissue massage on a few muscles along her spine that are way too tight. I also have to start her on glucosamine, no big deal. She is getting older so that's to be expected. Otherwise she's doing very well. Freddie and Pacie had more blood work done - I'm waiting for the results. They're back on low-protein food for the time being and have started round two of their antibiotics. They, as well, are otherwise doing well.

Midterm: I aced it. Perfect score. I get myself so worked up about these things and then they turn out to be easy. But, is it because it was easy from the get-go or because I get worked up and study feverishly? Chicken and the egg - who knows.

I was falling asleep on the couch at 9pm last night. I *never* fall asleep on the couch. At least not without the intention of taking a nap or something. It's just not my thing. So I was in bed early and woke up late this morning. Not sure what's going on there.

I had a few dreams last night, but I only vaguely remember them. Not even worth reporting what I do remember. Bummer. Musta been because I was so tired.

I think I have something to do tonight, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. Hopefully it's on my Outlook calendar. Or someone calls to see if we're still on. Or I remember. Otherwise I don't think I'll be doing anything tonight. :)

Tomorrow I'll probably grab a beer with Mario after work. I have to be home around 7:30pm as people are coming to look at (and hopefully take) the credenza. Maybe I'll get started on homework for next week. Probably not - I have a couple of weeks of Dog the Bounty Hunter to get caught up on and staring at Leland all night is far more attractive than sticking my nose in a book. :)

I wish I could hear what was up in your life. I sit here and blab all the time but never get to find out about who reads this (except for Paula, and Kim, and my sister.) Why not leave a comment or send me an email? Inquiring minds want to know!!

Ugh. Work. Again.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about "Happy Lunch" yesterday! My boss has decided that we need to go back to doing fun stuff together, like we did years ago. So once a month we have "Happy Lunch". I shit you not. We are supposed to leave the building and grab lunch, talk about stuff other than work, and socialize with each other in a non-work environment. Yesterday was the first "Happy Lunch", but I'm not convinced that will continue to be the name I use to reference it. Nah, I'm exaggerating. It wasn't all that bad, just a little uncomfortable here and there. We talked about work stuff. Then we talked about cats. Yeah, that was about it. Fun and exciting times and it only cost me 15 bucks. Woohoo. Can't wait for the next!


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