Monday, January 15, 2007


Hmmmm...where to start.

Let's see. Friday I learned that my friend Mario works (literally) around the corner from me. So we met up at the Naked Fish after work to have a beer. I think I got home around 11 or 12. :) His boss, Pete, was there and we ended up talking the night away. It helped that Pete was shitfaced and a freakin' riot! I have a picture of Pete with a pirate patch on holding a sheep toy. Don't ask. You *really* had to be there!

Saturday I picked up a bit, which wasn't much since Silvane was there on Thursday. My Dad, Betsy, Kim, Cathy, & Mario met at my house before heading over to the restaurant. My brother, his girlfriend, Glen, Elissa, & Zeke met us there. It was a great time, with lots of food, lots of drinks, and lots of laughs. :)

Afterwards, Kim, Cathy, Mario, & I came back to the house and had a bonfire in the firepit. I neglected to mention that we first stopped at the NH State Liquor store and picked up a few things, some plum wine, sake, and blueberry wine. Because I shared those 3 bottles with Mario, I can really only tell you what happened at the beginning of the night. :-p

All I really remember is a nice big fire, a full glass, and lots of talking. :) After that, who knows. According to Kim, I was walking into walls, giving her a look like it was her fault, and saying "That is why I don't drink wine!" Well, it really is why but I'm pretty sure she didn't deserve the look. ;) So Kim, Thank You for taking care of my drunken ass. I have your Xmas gift on order again. :) LOL Sorry about that...(I think - can't quite remember!!)

I vaguely remember puking my guts out and thinking that plum wine is a pretty color against a white background. *That* is why I don't drink wine! Anyway, I woke up at 5am on the couch and stumbled into bed for another 3 or 4 hours. Boy do I wish I could remember the other half of the night though.... According to Kim & Cathy, it was pretty fun!

Needless to say, I spent the next day recovering. :) I did some homework, took a nap, and watched the game. I don't think I did much of anything else. :) Oh wait, I redesigned my site! When I was looking for dragonfly pictures for my next tattoo (they're quite addictive!), I found the dragonfly graphic that I incorporated into the header. I just love it. :)

Today I cleaned up a bit - there were lots of little sticky spots all over the place. I'm very sure that it was me sloshing my drink all over the place. I can't remember doing that, but I wouldn't put it past me. :) I watched TV, did some more homework, and spent a lot of time with the pups. :)

This week is fairly quiet. I have dinner plans with my immediate family tomorrow night. I think that's it tho'. Cathy & I might go to Mario's show Saturday, but that's about it.

Overall it was a very good birthday! I just wish I could remember more of it!!

And *that* is why I don't drink wine! (the new saying for the year :-p )


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