Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm disappointed that I didn't receive one comment or email from anyone yesterday! A simple hello would've sufficed. :) Ah well. That's the thing about anonymity - nobody wants to give it up. :)

I had no trouble falling asleep last night, surprisingly enough. I did have some crazy dreams, but I can't remember them as well as the others. When I bought patches the other day, I bought the clear Nicoderm ones instead of the CVS brand that I had before. I'm thinking that might have something to do with it. The cheaper the patches, the better the dreams. But, the name brand patches work better on the cravings - I think I only caught myself wanting one twice yesterday. *Huge* improvement and I'll take that over dreams any day.

I have noticed though that I haven't felt all that refreshed in the morning. I think it's time to take the patches off at night so I can get better sleep. :) Since morning isn't the best time to talk to me anyway, I'd just recommend *really* making sure you don't need to call me first thing for the next week or so. ;)

Today is lunch with the boys, perhaps a beer or two with Mario after work, then home to meet someone for the credenza. The first people who saw it came back last night to look at it again. They offered $50 less than I'm asking for it so we'll see what tonight's people do. I guess I should really get all the crap out of it, huh? lol

Silvane is here today. I think in the short time I've been typing (I'm a pretty fast touch typist), she's completed the bedroom. Sweet. :) But, I have to get in the shower so she can do that after the office so it's time to go!


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