Wednesday, January 17, 2007

another day...

Of course I'm all screwed up and have no idea what day it is. I love 4 day weeks but man do they screw with my sense of time.

Yesterday was a productive day - not. I meant to focus on this one particular project I'm working on but forgot that my professional & development goals were due for this year. Heck it's only the 2nd quarter, why the rush? :-p Anyway, I spent all day writing lots of bullshit for the major projects I've been assigned for the year. And y'all know how much I like that crap. Ugh.

Anyway, I got them done and left work to let the kids out before heading out to meet my family at the Border Cafe for dinner. Traffic wasn't the greatest and it was snowing. That put me about 1/2 hour late. So I drove like a maniac to the restaurant where we all had a bunch of laughs. :) I love my birthday, but I'm about done with celebrating it. :)

The quitting smoking thing is going exceptionally well. I'm actually kinda scared at just how well it's going to tell you the truth. I'm waiting for the big relapse moment or something. I haven't been overly cranky or bitchy but I have been pretty dizzy. Clearly my body isn't used to getting this much oxygen! But, I'm also using the patch when it starts to get bad so that helps. I just have to cut back on the nights of drinking and debauchery as those *really* don't help!

On the home front, the desk is a sheet of freakin' ice with this cold rainy/snowy weather. I had to take the trash out this morning and you would've thought bigfoot was doing it I was so bundled up. It's 6 freakin' degrees out! I guess it's back to letting the car warm up every morning. The dogs aren't happy with the ice thing and nothing I've put down has helped. I will admit that it's kinda funny to watch them try and gingerly walk out there - they're so much like cartoon characters with their feet going sideways and not getting anywhere. :)

And I *still* need to take the freakin' christmas tree down! :-P

Off to work...


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