Tuesday, January 30, 2007


If you could have whatever your little heart desired, what would it be?

Such a loaded question, huh? I'm trying to decide what my answer is. I just don't know.

I'm (surprise) running late this morning so it'll be short and sweet. Just the highlights - no rants or observations. Oh yeah, I was supposed to write about an observation every day! I totally forgot about that. Well, one thing I observed last night is that Millie is the perfect size for spooning. :)

In no particular order:

- work was busy - I had no idea where the time went;

- I caught up with about half of my homework last night - tonight will be far, far worse;

- Kim's dog, Beanie, has Lymes;

- I spoke to the lawyer 4 times yesterday, she's still waiting for some rating from the back dr. - I have to call and bug him today;

- I got permission from the foot dr. to ride my bike - without the boot(!) yesterday;

- I read my school book while exercising on the bike when I got home;

- Mag will be here in 2 days;

- She'll look forward to leaving once she finds out what our plans are - talk about busy;

- I'm not having or remembering any more crazy dreams even though I've had the patch on at night;

- it's cold out;

- I'm late.


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