Tuesday, January 30, 2007

stupid thing for the day

I'm not going to limit it to one, because I'm sure I'll do quite a few more as the day progresses. But I'm only going to tell you about one. :)

So I was taking out the recycling this morning - one bin full of glass and plastic and 3 boxes of paper stuff, which equaled 4 trips to the curb in total. I got in my car, started to head to work, and at a stop light decided to pull out my phone so I could charge it. Except, I couldn't find my phone. Wait, where's my purse? Shit.

I turn around, head back home, run into the house, scare the shit out of Millie (I think she's losing her hearing), and frantically search for my purse. Can you say, nowhere to be found? Shit! I check every room in the house, including the bathroom, just in case. Nothing. Mind you, I put it down in the same place everyday. On the kitchen table. Check the sink - nope. Check the dog's crates - nope. Tell them to knock if off because now they're going ape shit. SHIT!

I run back out to the car. Check the seat. Nope. Check under the seat. Nope, Check the back seats. Nope. Open all the doors. Nope. Check the way back seat. Nope. Check under the way back seat. Nope. Check the way-way back. Nope. Fuck!!!

And then I see it. Sitting ever so prettily on top of the recycling bin. Open to the world, cell phone inside. Pick a god, I was thanking them all. Apparently I had my purse on my arm at some point during one or more of those trips and perhaps I didn't feel like carrying it anymore. Dunno. I'm not that big a fan of purses anyway, maybe my subconscious was trying to help me out.

Anyway, that's my stupid thing for the day - so far.


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