Thursday, January 18, 2007

freakin' moron...

Guess who realized the living room window has been open? That would be me. It's 12 degrees out and I've been wondering why it's been so chilly in the house like an asshole. Seriously, sometimes I shouldn't be in charge of a string of lights, nevermind a life. Moron.

Yesterday was an ok day - got a lot of work done, had lunch with a friend, only had a couple of meetings - nothing spectacular or horrifying - good deal. I left work real late as I had to make up time for the 45 minutes I sat on Rt 3 in the AM. That was fun. Maybe next time I'll get a colonoscopy instead.

Hmmm...maybe this not-smoking thing isn't going as well as I think. I appear to be a little on the cynical side today....

Anyway, I got home late and dug into homework like a good girl. I didn't even turn on the TV! I spent 5 hours getting everything done, then took an online quiz 6 times trying to get the best score. By 12:30 my eyes were about glued shut. This week, I won't spend more time celebrating my birthday than anything else. Although work looks like it's gearing up to kick me in the ass soon so I might want to pre-plan for that. I dunno. Probably not. Who the hell cares?

I think the quitting-smoking thing has affected that little switch in my head that says "It may not be in your best interest to curse like a truck driver right now..." I've had to backtrack and erase 11 f-bombs. Wait. It's my blog. I can do what I want! AND I quit smoking so a certain amount of craziness is absolutely understandable! Heh.

Ok you little kiddies, I've just justified cursing in my blog to myself so no-holds-barred from now on. If you're sensitive about that stuff, you may want to unsubscribe. >: p

Fuck this. I have to get to work.


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