Saturday, August 26, 2006

ahhhhhh...the weekend :)

Last night was really low key and I liked it! I did some reading for school, watched some Tivo (I so love Tivo), folded all of my laundry, put it away, and hung out with the kids for the night.

So my to do list for the weekend is really short. I was thinking about cleaning out the spare room's closet so I can store linens there. I'd like to get the front lawn mowed. I have to turn in an assignment. I need to get my trees in the ground some time this weekend. I'm thinking I'll wait until tomorrow when my Dad comes over. I plan on ordering some spring bulbs and getting all of the Xmas gifts I've already purchased added to my gift spreadsheet. Then going through my spreadsheet and deciding what everyone else is getting. That's about it! The girls were supposed to come over tonight but one of them one won tickets to a game and had to bail.

I know it's early to start thinking about Xmas shopping. I've found that I'm much less stressed if I pick stuff up throughout the year and put it away for the holidays. That way, I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off getting *anything* to give. I have time to get things that make me think of them; things that they'd like. Probably insane, but it works for me.

I plan on taking a ride to Barnes & Noble at some point today to pick up a few books. I'd like to go through my bookcase and pack up the books I haven't read or won't re-read. I'm running out of desperately needed space.

So that's my plan for today. Tomorrow Dad's coming for a visit after flyball practice. I have to give him his 4 cases of Fruit2O and cut his hair.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a list of things done when I log on tomorrow. :)


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