Monday, August 7, 2006


Well, I managed to get a few things done yesterday...nothing that was on my list though. ;) Dad & I figured how to secure the stairs to the deck but the pool store didn't have the parts in stock. He'll pick them up from work today for me. Hopefully I'll even get them this week! lol

I built the benches that I bought for the firepit. I did get sandpaper for the sander. I also went swimming - a lot. :) Since I had Dad there to help me out, I figured it was a good time to see what the kids would do in the pool. Boy was *that* hilarious! Skootchie immediately, and quite quickly, swims towards the edge to get out. I put her on my shoulder (like how you'd burp a baby) and she was cool with that. She was also very happy with laying on my chest & stomach while I was on a float. I can see us doing a lot more of that - it'll be our special thing. ;)

We tried to entice Freddie into jumping in but he wasn't having any of that. I bought these floating balls to play with him in the pool. I figured he'd jump right in after them. Nope. I'm not sure how much swimming Freddie's actually done. He has a great hackney which he somehow brings to swimming. He splashes a lot and doesn't quite understand that I have him. It was only his first time so I'm sure he'll get used to it. :) He did, however, get stuck between the banisters of the deck after we took him out but left the balls in the pool - big mistake. I'll have to cut down on of the banisters to put up there. I was going to do it yesterday right when it happened, but my b-i-l took my circular saw, which I noticed when I went to get it. :)

Getting Millie into the pool was very interesting. I though for sure she'd just jump in since she's jumped off of decks and everything. Nope. She was slowly gaining courage, and she really wanted to come to me in the pool, but nope. So, I helped her in and she swam for a bit. She also didn't realize I had her. Getting her out of the pool was that much more interesting as she wouldn't stop kicking her legs. I'm hoping once the stairs are in place she'll be able to use them. She did manage to rake the crap out of my legs in her attempt to jump out of the water. :)

Pacie doesn't even like to go in the kiddie pool, so we didn't even bother to attempt to get him in the big pool. Maybe someday.

So after hours of swimming, eating, and birdwatching, Dad & Betsy took off. I grabbed Skootchie and went to float in the pool for a while. Glen, Elissa, & Eek came up to pick up Neutron. Glen looked a the stairs he's going to replace for me and told me what wood to buy. I'll do that in the next couple of weeks.

After everyone was gone, the kids and I cuddled on the couch for a bit before heading to bed. We all slept very soundly. :) I forgot how tired playing in the water can make you. No wonder why parents love it when their kids go swimming!


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