Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Market Plan worth 15% of grade: done

dishes: not done

No surprise there I'm sure. I got most of the market plan outlined yesterday. I did actually get to concentrate on homework for the night. Millie helped by leaning on me and giving me kisses occasionally. Kisses always help. :)

I got a phone call from my mother interrupting my special homework time. It was definitely one of those phone calls where you hear the first sentence and sigh. I could tell alcohol had been involved in the night at some point. Then she started ranting on how guys are idiots, which I thoroughly agreed to after having just told a guy to have a nice life. However, as open-minded as I am, I really don't want to hear about my mother's dating problems. Seriously.

Moving on, work was good yesterday. My car was doing this wicked funky thing on the highway on my way to work so I left a little early so I could bring it to the dealership. Thankfully it was just an EGR something-or-other and it was covered under my warranty. I brought my laptop with me and sat on the comfy couch in the waiting room making web changes while I waited. My battery only lasted 2 1/2 hrs. though and then I was done working. I have to bring it back once they get a couple of parts in - probably next week.

I got up to use the ladies room and when I came back there was a guy paying for his car repairs. I was really not into the staring he was doing and promptly ignored him. That whole wolf/sheep stare is unnerving. He left but came back in 5 minutes later to ask me if I had a boyfriend. I lied and said yes. I totally give him credit for approaching a stranger and I might've even been a little friendlier had I not felt his eyes burn through the back of my head (and a few other places) a few minutes before. Flattered, but no thanks.

Today was the day 'o meetings. I had one respite when Kevin and I went to lunch. Other than the 1 1/2 hrs I spent at my desk in the morning, I was in meetings. Ugh. My last meeting of the day went over by 10 mins., which in turn made me leave 10 mins. late, which in turn made me 10 mins. late for PT. Apparently this was the day of running late as my PT chick didn't even come to get me until 5:35. We were both in no mood at that point so I did a few things on the machines and said I'd do the rest at home, to which she heartily agreed.

Since I've been home (minus the time I said hello to the kids and played with them), I've been on the computer doing homework. I think I did a pretty good job on the market plan but we'll see when I get my grade.

Tomorrow I have *nothing* to do and it's going to stay that way. If I do anything at all, it will be a load of laundry and some of the dishes. Nope, not even doing all of them. I haven't looked at Tivo in what feels like forever and I'm sure I need to get caught up on those zany Mythbusters and my beloved Rescue Me. Otherwise I just might die.

Now I just have to get to sleep and then make it through tomorrow. :) I think I only have one meeting so there's a very good chance I might even get something accomplished!


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