Saturday, August 12, 2006

time for bed

The day started at 6am and I'm thankful that it's time for bed right now. :) I'm also thankful that I don't have to go to flyball practice tomorrow. Being on my feet most of the day did not help the foot that got the shot the other day (forgot to tell you about that - but Ellin clued me in on why I couldn't sleep the other day - a few shots of cortisone [steroids] will vamp you up a bit). Anyway, today was the BBQ and we had a good time. The kids were (I think) getting tired by the time they left. They played in the yard, swam, ate, blew bubbles, ate, swam, played, colored, and played the whole day. I cooked 400 pounds of food ( 3 types of steak tips, steaks, 3 kinds of chicken, portabellas, kielbasa, and hot dogs), went swimming, floated with Skootchie in the pool for about 30 seconds until she heard a squeaky toy, and sat around talking.

The ladder got attached today with the help of my neighbor (I really do have the best neighbors in the world), I sanded down the edges of the deck, got everything marinated, got some bubbles and a few toys for the kids for the pool. I moved the pile of scrap wood to outside the fence, got the deck somewhat situated (I really need to buy a new umbrella), got all of the laundry done, did my homework, and picked up a bit all before 11am. Then I started cooking and it seemed like it was for hours. :) I jumped in the pool after that and had something to eat. Then it was relaxing and fun after that.

I called Cindy to let her know we weren't having practice around 8pm after Renee & crew and Angelica & crew left for the night. Then I put my feet up and watched a movie - it was a chick flick and of course I cried. So now it's time for bed and I'm pretty darn happy about that. :)

Hopefully I'll sleep in tomorrow but I doubt it. I think I'll treat myself for breakfast in the morning - head to the end of the street with a book and have a leisurely breakfast. Sounds good to me. :)


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Scarlet's Mom said...

Psst. Nobody told be about practice and I drove round trip 120 miles. Calculate out that in gasoline....