Monday, August 14, 2006

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I just finished this week's case study and I have to say I did a piss poor job on it. After work I had PT an then had to get all the trash and recycling out. You wouldn't think that would take very long, but I had a bunch of the old deck pieces to toss so it took much longer than I thought it would. While I was gathering splinters from 10 year old pressure treated wood, my neighbor came outside to chat for a bit. That's really what made the trash thing so long. But, I did a ton of weeding while we were talking so it wasn't all for naught.

However, that didn't leave me very much time to get any reading done. So I skimmed through the chapter that the case study was in and started writing up my proposal. I did go above and beyond on the EDI flow graphic I had to put together. I'm hoping that will save me from the piss poor grade I deserve. Fingers crossed.

I figured I'd get all of this written down now, as I'm sure to wake up late and will need to run around like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning. As much as I like hearing from some of you, bugging me to post will not be one of those things I will need. ;) So, I'm beating you to the punch. :)

In other news, I'm about done with my team captain's power trip issues with regards to this tournament we're putting on. We're only a month into the making and she's already out of control with her need to be in control of every last freaking detail. I'm being a good girl and keeping my mouth shut for now. I'm sure there will come a time when she'll push too far and I'll need to speak up but I'd like to be calmed down a bit before that happens. Right now, *nothing* I say will be nice and it'll just make her cry. So, zipped lips for me.

And in more news, my cats (Captain to be specific) have figured out how to open the sliding screen door that leads out onto the deck. They've been out about a dozen times now and I'm ready to throttle them (him more than her). Last night I had to look for him with a flashlight and the little bugger made me chase him not once, not twice, but 3 times underneath the deck - a place where we all know I never wander. The little bastard.

And still in other news, my kids are the cutest damn dogs around cuddling like they are on the loveseat across from me. Even the boys are touching (well, Freddie is allowing Pacie to touch him) in the pack cuddle they've got going on. I'd take a picture but that would involve me getting up to get the camera, which would then involve them getting up to follow me to get the camera and then there really wouldn't be a point after that.

And in probably the greatest news of all, I heard from my friend in Australia via IM. I was in a meeting and she quickly wrote that we need to talk about some dates in Feb of 2007. That means she's coming to the states baby! I'm hoping her husband will have lots of ideas for improving the house. He's far too clever that one. Actually, she is too damnit. The last time she told me about an idea she had it was for an irrigation system for their farm. By the following week she had designed it, built parts for it(and I do mean built - all of it, electronics, timers, everything) , and built it. I was still looking up "irrigation". ;) Boy will it be nice to see them again!!! Hopefully they'll plan on coming North this time. If not, I'll have to make plans to head to somewhere to see them and I'll need to hire someone to stay with the pups. Any takers? :)

Tomorrow I have nothing to do but homework so I'm really hoping nothing will happen to take me away from that. I can't skimp out on Wed's assignment like I did tonight's. But as it's far past my bedtime now, I'll worry about that tomorrow. :)


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