Sunday, August 13, 2006

no plans today

I slept in until 7am, went down for breakfast around 7:30am, bought the paper, and then took a nap. Nice. :)

Surprisingly enough, I don't have much to do today! There's a bunch of stuff I *could* do, and probably will, but I have nothing I *have* to do and it feels great. :) I'll probably do a couple of errands, maybe work on the front lawn (since Renee's husband Chris is insane and had a great time mowing the back lawn yesterday), and probably float in the pool if I get hot enough.

I have a few movies to return, and I'll probably do some homework later so I'm not all stressed out about it during the week. I also brought some work home with me so I'll hit that later too.

So there's stuff to do I suppose, but nothing urgent or crazy. What a great day! :)


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