Monday, August 21, 2006

the weekend...

We had a flyball tournament this weekend in Goffstown, NH. It seemed to be a nice little town - I liked the little General Store I passed on the way to the tourney site.

The tourney site was.... interesting. We are soooooo spoiled in this region. Usually tournaments are held indoors in some sort of dog training facility or an indoor sports arena. This was held at a riding center in a horse barn. And I do mean horse barn. A good thing about it was that they used recycled tires as the flooring - recycling is always good. The bad part about it was that they used recycled tires as the flooring, right on top of the dirt. Tons of little pieces of rubber that really look like rabbit food, or turd, so the place was *filthy*. Freddie was not allowed to jump on me because as Holly pointed out to Rob, horses pee on it.

I wasn't looking forward to this tourney because of how I feel about what's going on with the planning of our tourney, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Still uncomfortable at times, but not the completely silent weekend it could've been. Thankfully we got out early both days so that was a nice bonus. :)

In other news, we've been assigned to groups in school. The purpose is to have a fully functional ecommerce site as our final project. Each student had to submit a proposal and a marketing plan earlier in the class an assignment. Then each group had to read all of proposals that were submitted by the students in that group and pick one to complete as the final project. My proposal was on my friend Nancy's website that she has for selling custom made dog beds, belly bands, crate covers, etc. The group chose that as the final project so it looks like Nancy will be getting a brand new, fully functional ecommerce site for nothing. :) I'm really looking forward to working with my group on this.

I have homework due tonight that I was hoping I'd get done over the weekend, but that didn't happen. (surprise) So tonight will be nothing but me typing away at a loooong report. Silvan is coming tomorrow to clean (yay!) but I don't think it will be as daunting for her this time. I really need to pick up an English-Spanish dictionary though so we can communicate better.


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