Wednesday, August 9, 2006

yeah right

I wrote: " I have a mini-e-Business proposal due Wed. and I'll start that tonight so I'm not up against the clock again come Wed. night."

hahahahahaha! :) Yeah, that didn't get done. What actually happened? I decided to start transferring everything on my old computer to the new computer so I could get that working. That took the whole night and is still not finished because I can't find the setup disk for my wireless router. Maybe I'll focus on that Sunday. Saturday I'm having a BBQ so that's out.

So I came home to a really clean house yesterday! Absolutely worth $50 and I'll be passing her number out. :) She even did the dishes! What a saint. :) I was even able to see the top of my desk if you can believe that (I couldn't). I can't see it now but that's due to having 2 monitors, CPUs, etc., etc. Once I get everything transferred, this PC is going to my sister to replace her 500 year old monster. She's not going to know what to do when she clicks on something and it goes there automatically. ;)

Around 8pm Millie & I took a walk down to Friendly's to get an ice cream. I got some peanut butter concoction and she got a small vanilla softserve. :) I usually get 2 different reactions when I take her there for ice cream - either everyone loves her and they get a kick out of her eating ice cream, or I've mortally offended them for bringing a dog to the outside ice cream window. I'm usually less than pleased with the 2nd reaction. Thankfully last night was the 1st. :) She's so well behaved that I seriously can't understand the 2nd one. She's on a leash, outside, sitting by my side, not sniffing anyone inappropriately. How could anyone be pissed off at that?

Anyway, so tonight I have to seriously get down and dirty on my homework, maybe start looking for that damn disk and go to PT. The fun never stops. :)


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