Saturday, August 5, 2006

it's done :)

I wrote earlier:

"Today I get to move all the wood for the firepit (which still doesn't have an official place to live because of the pool), vacuum the pool (not me, the automatic thingy), do the dishes (yes the same ones), clean off the filing cabinet (also known as the kitchen table), sweep & wash all of the floors, pull out all of the weeds near the filter (so I can find it without touching anything that I'm allergic to - which is everything these days), hopefully mow the grass (if my neighbor lets me use his mower since mine is still down and out for the count), submit my homework (once I find out what it is and read the 3 chapters I need to), and float in the pool. :)"

Out of that huge list, I moved the wood for the firepit... yeah, that's it! I was the little helper when it came to the deck and running to Home Depot 5 times for various things. Yep, 5 times. But, I did learn how to fit a 12' piece of 2x6 into the van and still close the doors. ;)

I didn't vacuum the pool because they were sawing out there and I didn't see the point until they were done. I wasn't home long enough to do the dishes, clean off the table, do my homework, or clean the floors because of the billion HD trips. I couldn't pull the weeds near the filter because I was in their way (I did attempt that one). My neighbor's mower wouldn't start so they went to get a spark plug for it, oh... about 7 hours ago and they haven't come back yet. :) So the lawn didn't get cut.

I did swim for a bit while they took a break to eat and to get a few things that fell into the pool while they were working. :) I also managed to blow up one of the floats and after they left, float around for 5 mins.

It's been a busy day and I'm dead on my feet even though I didn't do any of the really hard work. :) But, now I'm going to go relax on the deck (looking at the beautiful new extension) and do my homework. I guess there will be no going out for me tonight - bummer.

But I have a deck extension now! Woohoo!


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