Sunday, August 27, 2006


So I got everything done except for the book packing up part and getting the tree planted. I got the lawn mowed, even the 3ft weeds that were growing where the ditch used to be. I ended up buying a new machine since I *still* haven't received my machine back from the repair shop. I got my homework assignment turned in on time. I started cleaning out the closet and decided I was going to put up a few shelves to store my towels and sheets.

Today I had flyball practice and it went ok. I forgot (yet again) to take the harness off of Pacie when I put him in the crate after training. When I remembered, I checked his crate and I couldn't find it. So I took his bed and blanket out and found little scraps of harness that was still connected to the plastic clips. That was it. The little bastard ate it. I gave him some bread soaked in mineral oil, so hopefully everything will come out nice and easy. I really can't afford a $5k vet bill.

Dad came by after flyball and helped me swap out the patio umbrella. I cut his hair and Betsy's bangs. He made my screen door more secure so the cats can't open it anymore. The only problem is, I can barely open it now too! I'm sure it will loosen up over time, or at least I hope so.

I went to the Xmas tree shop this afternoon to pick up a few things for our flyball tournament's raffle. I also found a couple of small things for gifts so I have to update my gift spreadsheet again.

So it's 6pm and I'm done with everything I had to do for the most part. I'm going to look through a few catalogs and plan out some more Xmas shopping while watching The 4400 and Mythbusters. Add a Cosmo and it sounds like a damn fine night to me. ;)


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