Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sue, Aunty Kathy, and I went to Coyles last night for dinner. My cousin is starting to show the signs of having "prego brain". Towards the end of the night, Sue went to run next door to hit the ATM. She got up, walked outside, saw my car, and got excited thinking "OMG Dawn's here!". This would be right after she left the table where I was sitting across from her. Yep, prego brain to the max.

After I got home, I played with the pups for a bit and then jumped on the computer. I didn't have any heavy duty homework due so I just fulfilled my participation requirements and did what I was supposed to do in my role as spokesperson for the group.

Then I watched Sunday's Dead Zone & I think one other show before hitting the hay. Having Tivo saves me tons of time when I actually do get some to watch TV. I wouldn't be able to live without forwarding through commercials.

I went to bed early last night (earlier than I had been) and I was up before the alarm this morning. I don't think I have any meetings today which is a huge bonus since last week I was consumed by them. But I do have plans for lunch with Kevin at Flatbreads or what's now known as our usual place, which will be good.

Other than starting to read the chapters required for this week, I really don't have much going on. :) I have nothing I *need* to do tonight. The house is clean from Silvane so I don't have to worry about that. I have some stuff in my car that I could bring inside. I have some laundry I could do - all no big deal stuff. :)

The girls are supposed to come over and get silly Saturday night at some point. We'll cook on the grill, go floating if it's nice out, and sit in front of the firepit laughing it up. Dad's coming up on Sunday after flyball practice to hang out. Nothing stressful so I think I'll enjoy this weekend much more than I did last weekend. :)

And I may even get into work on time today! lol


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