Wednesday, August 2, 2006


115 degree heat index today. Wow.

I'm debating throwing Millie into the bedroom with the air conditioning all day. I know she'll be completely and utterly miserable being stuck in a room, but I don't feel comfortable leaving her in the heat of the house. I just hope she doesn't eat my books, or my shoes, or the bedding, or the dresser. Sigh. I'll have to stuff a few kongs with stuff to keep her busy. I think I'll leave work early today as well so I can see how she's doing. Yeah, I didn't think I'd fool you on that one - it's to go swimming as well. ;)

But, the pool is UP! It's filled about 1/2 way now after leaving the hose on overnight. I'll leave the hose on while I'm at work too so it can be close to done when I get home. The first thing I'm doing after letting the dogs out is changing into a swimsuit and jumping in! Holy crap I can't even believe I now own a pool.

I spoke to my brother-in-law last night about extending the deck and he said he'd do it. I have a few ideas on how to do it - I definitely want it gated off from the dogs, so I'll probably ask that the existing banister sections stay where they are and one of them become a gate that I can lock. I really don't need anyone dying while I'm not here.

Which brings me to a thought I had yesterday. I don't want people swimming by themselves without anyone else there for safety reasons. Good idea, but I don't know how to apply it to myself! I would prefer to have someone around as well. It's only 4' 4" but you never know what could happen. So, I have to figure that one out before too long. Maybe people will just start wandering in from the street to swim and then I won't have to break my own rule. ;)

A few other rules, which I'll post once the deck extension is done:

1) No glass beyond the pool gate
2) No peeing in the pool
(I really can't believe I have to write that since most people I know are adults but that's just gross and I don't want it happening)
3) Want to swim? - bring food
(I know all too well how things get started and I can't afford to stock up my freezer for just in case situations)

Anyone have any more suggestions? :)


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Scarlet's Mom said...

Oh, yes, children must be accompanied by adults!