Saturday, March 29, 2008


On March 27th, 2008 I wrote the following:

"(The pain isn't bad at all, it's more annoying than anything else.)"

After yesterday's 3 hour session where the lines were done for my Phoenix, I am recanting that statement. I lied. I lied my fucking ass off.

Technically it wasn't a lie since I didn't really know any better but it was an untruth nonetheless.

The inside of your elbow? Hurts. Swearing kind of hurts. Eyes wide, teeth clenched kind of pain.

The elbow itself? Hurts more. Swearing and holding on to things like your life depends on it. Eyes squinted shut, sweat starting to build on your forehead kind of pain.

The inside and/or back of your arm? Inferno pain. Someone pulling your intestines out through your nose without anesthesia kind of pain. I threatened bodily harm... actually, I think I promised bodily harm.

Clearly I was talking out of my ass when I wrote that statement a couple of days ago. So don't listen to me again. Ever. Clearly, I'm an idiot. Clearly.

The rest of my arm was ok, not necessarily painful, more annoying than anything else. That statement doesn't mean I wasn't full of shit earlier. And you still shouldn't listen to me ever again.

My arm feels like a cat used it as a scratching post... Ok, maybe 6 cats. It's not that bad, as long as nothing touches it and I don't move it.

Apparently I am a masochist. Good to know.

In two weeks I'll go back and we'll do the shading and maybe some color. It will take 2 or 3 more sittings for it to be finished.

Oh, did I mention that it's a little bigger than originally planned? It was always going to be pretty big, just not *as* big. It's a little over a half sleeve, meaning, it goes from the top of my shoulder to about 2 inches past my elbow. So it's a little bigger than originally planned. :)

Ken will be able to get some sick detail in it and I'm totally in love with it. It will be quite the amazing piece when it's done.

Ok, enough about the tattoo. You'll see pictures once the florescent red and purple bruises disappear. And no, I'm not kidding.

Moving on.

I went out to breakfast with Sue & Neely this morning at the diner down the street. I was hoping we'd be able to go out for a little girl pampering sometime this weekend and when I mentioned it, she was all over it. She went home and made reservations for us. I went home and finished all of my homework in 20 minutes.

Then Sue and I went for pedicures. After that we stopped at one of our favorite discount places and then headed over to one of our favorite butcher shops. We hung out at Sue's for the rest of the afternoon, playing with the baby, chatting, and watching really bad shows on the Food Network while Chris uploaded a boat load of music on to my iPod.

I was hoping to do a bunch of yard work today but the snow on the ground kind of prevented me from doing that. So instead, I'm going to relax tonight and watch a bunch of West Wing episodes. The pups are hanging out while dinner cooks and I relax.

There's flyball practice in the morning and the afternoon tomorrow but that's about it for the day.

I'm going to relax now and *not* move my arm.


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