Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am so freakin' tired...

We actually got out fairly early today, but after 2 days of flyball, I need a nap and a massage.

I will say that this weekend was by far the funniest flyball tournament I've ever been to. Seriously. I almost peed my pants twice. That's some serious laughter. I can't even go into detail - I'm not going to be awake for that long, but damn there was some *real* funny stuff being tossed around. CMJ was sitting on the other side of us and I'm not sure if they'll ever sit next to us again. The words "out of control" come to mind a few times.

The funniest part? It wasn't even me half the time!! I know I'll get blamed for corrupting the team (and I'll gladly take that blame!) but this weekend wasn't even close to being just me or my fault. I don't know what came over all the straight-laced people on the team but I like it.

Now if I can get them all to go out for a drunk birthday tattoo, my work will be done. :p

Nancy wrote down at least a page of information for the tournament summary, if not more. (After every tournament, an email goes out about the weekend. Rarely does it have absolutely anything to do with flyball, where we placed, or how we did as a team. It's always about what interesting tidbits we've learned about each other or funny things that have happened throughout the tournament.) And I seriously can't wait to read it. I'm sure I've forgotten some things already.

The other day I was explaining to a friend that injuries received at flyball are more like trophies than anything else. As a joke, he sent me a First Aid kit in the mail. I threw it into my dog sport bag before the tournament and wouldn't you know it - we needed it 3 times over the weekend.

Last week at flyball Tweak got my pinkie pretty good. I told my friend Susan what happened and what we did to clean/fix it when I was told in no uncertain terms that everything we did was wrong. Since she used to be an EMT, I believe her - she certainly knows far more than I do about patching people up. So, when she told me what to do to clean a wound, I listened. When Jeanese's forearm got ripped open by dog's teeth, I applied what little knowledge I had. We cleaned it out with saline (not enough according to Susan), got it butterfly stitch closed and wrapped her up to deal with the rest of the day.

Since I'm an asshole that won't leave my dogs anywhere to go and get medical attention when it's needed, Susan is going to teach me a few things next month when I go down there so I won't lose a limb or anything while away from home. While on one hand it's a good thing because I'll be better prepared to deal with emergencies, she's really giving me just enough information to be dangerous, which is never a good thing. :p

For the second time in the history of our flyball team, both of our teams took home first place in their respective division. We don't normally keep track, or even care, about where we place - however, when it happens, it's pretty freakin' cool. :)

We each got 3 doggie meatball muffins as our "prize"... Yay.

My brain is mush and I keep getting a whiff of something comforting so it's time for me to go to bed.

First, I'll re-read the layout I got about a month ago...maybe even throw a new spread to verify the original reading.


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