Saturday, March 1, 2008

wet tennis ball

Tweak found a tennis ball last night. Usually I have all the tennis balls either up high or in something due to Freddie's totally obsessive drive to them. Otherwise he'll keep dropping them at your feet, rip them to shreds or eat them while barking the whole time. Freddie's bark isn't what it once was (thankfully) but when it's coming at you like a Gatling Gun, it's still pretty fucking annoying.

Anyway, Tweak found one last night and between last night and this morning, it's been reduced to a kinda round shaped sponge.

This weekend there's a tourney up at All Dog's Gym in Manchester, NH that Freddie, Tweak, and I will be attending. There's a one hour snow delay so racing starts at 8am, which means I have to jet!

Before I go, I'm not really sure what time I lasted to last night. I woke up at 9:30 with my face plastered to the Sudoku book and the phone ringing. Donna was calling to ask me a clicker question and it took me a few minutes to get my wits back. Arguably, some would doubt I've ever had them.

I'll have to bring a shovel with me to the tournament so I can get home. I think that area is supposed to get over a foot.


p.s. - I did remember to pack a first aid kit for my flyball bag. Y'know, just in case Tweak decided to impale me again or I get an offer I can't refuse. :p

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