Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have decided that I do indeed like surprises. :) The only surprise I'm not keen on (besides all the bad ones of course) is the whole sing-to-you-for-your-birthday surprise. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of that one. I think it's 'cuz I blush.

Anyway, I'm not really sure I've thought about surprises and how I feel about them. I tried searching for a previous blog entry and couldn't find one. (Yes, I know it's sad that I had to look at my blog to see if I liked something. Get over it.) So, now that I've given it some thought, I'm sticking with I like surprises. :)

Please feel free to surprise me *any* time. :) No, really. Any time. :)

Millie is very clingy this morning. We have a morning routine that we follow and Millie is clearly not in the mood to play along. Here's what happens in the morning in my house:

Get up, hit the loo, let the boys out of their crates, let the kids out, make coffee, sit on the couch with the laptop, put a blanket on my lap and let the two Pins climb underneath it so they can lie next to my leg, check mail, blog, etc., etc.

The one thing that just about never changes is the boys under the blanket lying next to my leg. It's a total Min Pin thing... they live for lying under the blankets. Usually, Millie will go lie on the round chair so the Pins aren't walking on her head as she's not that big a fan of it. Today, however, Millie is glued to my side. She won't let either of them near me. And, she's even blocking Tweak from visiting and giving me kisses. Weird.

My travel mug has found it's way home and is very happy to be back! Now I don't have to stop at DD's to get coffee in the morning. The cup, while happy to go on vacation, is thankful to be back. We have a routine you see.

Now I just have to find an article on the web. I think I'll call the northerners-playing-rednecks place and see if they'll fax it to me from their archives. ;)


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