Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I can't believe I forgot...

... to talk about Freddie's placement in Flyball. What the hell is wrong with me?

He kicked ass for points this weekend. He only has a couple of hundred left until his next title - FMCh or Flyball Master Champion - which he'll get at the NET tournament in May. Considering my original goal for him was a Flyball Master title (2 titles before that one), we're doing pretty good. He'll get an ONYX for sure, which blows my mind.

If neither of the dogs ahead of Freddie in the breed standing went to tournaments since January, he'll be the number four dog in flyball. The number 3 dog only has 15507 points so we should be able to surpass that at the May tournament. We'll be traveling a boat load this summer and he's going to be racing his little ass off between the local tournaments he'll run with my team and the stuff he'll do with NET while on the road in Open or Vets.

I'll cement one of those top five placements if it's the last thing I do. :)

I'm not always super competitive but when I am, watch out... it's on. That number 5 dog is going down. (Jo, are you proud?)

Damn. I forgot we were traveling to Batavia next month for an Open team. Freddie will probably get his title then, not during the NET tourney. Bummer dude.

Has anyone noticed the totally absurd time this was posted? I'm trying to get a jump on the time change so I set my alarm for an hour before. Can you believe I got up when it went off? I know! Weirdest thing ever.

(BTW, I passed out after sending my last text so I didn't see your good night until this morning. You still need to tell me if I have anything to be afraid of. Maybe I'll go back and add that to the fear quiz I just took. :p)

There isn't a day that goes by that my crazy Border Collie doesn't make me smile. I laugh *all* the time because of her. Now if the Pins would stop rolling in dead things so I wouldn't have to bathe them right before bed, they'd make me laugh too. Last night, I was not laughing.


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