Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm awake...

Millie and Tweak did not get baths yesterday like I had planned. I pretty much got everything else done, but I ran out of time and desire for that one.

The dog that needed the bath the most, Millie, is now playing with a freshly bathed dog, Tweak, as I type. Tweak is a Border Collie. Border Collie's can have long hair. Tweak has long hair. Occasionally, Border Collie's get stuff stuck in their long hair. Tweak got stuff stuck in her long hair this morning. What did Tweak have stuck in her long hair this morning?

What I like to call a dingleberry, aka Poop on a Rope.

As you can see, I am quite awake at this point, versus the groggy'ish state I was in before. My bathroom floor is now clean, as is the wall since Tweak loves to rub herself on everything and anything she can when wet which requires me to go back and remove the dog hair painting she leaves behind.

Yes, I am awake. ThankfulLy she dries ridiculously quickly.

I was talking to Susan last night about a variety of topics, as is our norm, when we, for the 6th time, covered some West Wing'isms I had just learned. One of the things she's said frequently to me was that she liked smart people that disagree with her. That was a West Wing'ism that I didn't know was one. But she's adopted it as her own and we have fascinating discussions because we don't always see eye to eye on stuff.

While talking she guessed my IQ. She gave herself a 10 point give or take and guessed the number. She was not in the ballpark or on the same street, she was dead on. As in exact. Freaky.

Then she called me abnormal. I really couldn't argue with her there. I don't think I have all the same priorities in life as people my age. Maybe I do and I'm just not giving people enough credit. But I can tell you I haven't been able to see that through their shallow actions. After saying something similar to that, she called me a snob.

Really? Me? Seriously?

Apparently my intolerance for stupid people precedes me and makes me a snob. Ok, I can kind of see that.

Then she explained what she meant by abnormal. My IQ is up there. It's not at scary genius level or anything but it's up there. Did you know the average IQ is 100 points? I didn't. She went on to say that if I had the same number of points on the other side of 100, I'd have moderate retardation. Why anyone knows this off the top of their head is absolutely beyond me but is also one of the bizarre things I like about Susan - useless knowledge.

This gifted snob is now going to jump in the shower so she can drive 2 hours to Vermont for a 2 hour flyball practice and a 2 hour drive home.

Clearly intelligence potential isn't everything...


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