Saturday, March 8, 2008

lots of tiny things

I thought I had trained my dogs to sleep in on the weekends unless we had a flyball tournament, frisbee competition, or practice. Unfortunately for me, they weren't having any part of that this morning. Dammit.

Went shopping with Sue last night. It wasn't a good shopping day tho', no matter how hard we tried. We only got a few things but we had a great time talking!

You'll be happy to know that she thinks I think too much too. No surprise there.

I have dishes to do today. And cleaning. And homework. And I have to pick up dog food. And hit the New Balance outlet. And bring the bike to my Dad's house. And do laundry.

It seems like I'm always doing laundry. I actually don't mind doing it but I *hate* folding it all and putting it away. Absolutely hate it. Ugh.

My old friend, don't worry about multiple visits. :) I am safe. You will help me if I need it, right? Then no worries. :)

I love watching Dirty Jobs. That man has a stomach of pure steel. If I was on that show, I'd be honking every 5 minutes. Not even kidding.

I need to figure out where they sell wet suit vests. You can get them online, but I need to try one on first. The girls need to be comfortable after all. Especially since the whole purpose for it is so that Tweak can launch off of my back and vault off my chest. The girls probably ain't gonna like that.

Ok, I can smell the kitty litter box so it's time to go take care of that and get on with the day.


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