Friday, March 21, 2008

well fine...

If you're going to read my blog 10 times a day and still not tell me who you are even though I've come right out and have asked you, that's fine. Just know that I think you're a super huge wimp. And no George, it isn't you. :)

I think my hearing is getting a little better. I turned the TV on to watch an episode of West Wing and it was really, really loud. I guess I should send an apology to the nuns.

I spent today doing homework, took Tweak down to the park to throw the frisbee, then I took a nap, then I did more homework and now I am getting prepared to have another West Wing marathon.

When I took Tweak to the park, I realized, when my hair started acting like Medusa's, that it was windy out. Throwing the frisbee in hurricane winds is....different. The frisbee hangs a bit diiferent, it carries longer sometimes and not so long other times. I guess it was good practice for her to track it in its erratic state and good for me to throw it with it that windy.

Tweak is laying next to me while I'm laughing my ass off at the West Wing.

I'm not a big political person, so I wasn't very interested in the West Wing when it was on. Susan, however, was a huge fan and continuously peppers me with West Wing'isms that usually have me spewing out whatever beverage I happen to be drinking at the time. She sent me a fabulous care package when I was sick and in it was season one of the West Wing. I can see that at some point I will need to watch and re-watch the DVDs again so I can write down all the West Wing'isms to use in my private life as often as possible.

Damn. I can't wait to be able to slap these things around. :)


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