Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not as good as I thought...

Yesterday there was such a marked difference in how I was feeling I was sure I was on the road to recovery and would bounce back in just a matter of days.

While I may very well be on the road to recovery, I realized this morning that I'm still pretty sick. Too sick to go to flyball practice, too sick to go to the grocery store (even with help), too sick to do anything but lie on this couch and stare at this screen. Bah. I hate being sick.

Susan will be pleased to know that I realized what my limitations are. She wasn't far from driving up here and tying me down just so I'd get some rest. I can now see why yesterday's bravado looked foolish.

Because I'm still not well. I'm still pretty sick, actually. No matter how much I may like to deny it so I can get on with any kind of semblance of a normal life. Again, Denial is a great place to visit, not-so-great place to live.

(George understands that, don'cha George?)

Anyway, I am a little troubled by still being deaf in my left ear. I'm really not pleased with that at all. Today, my right ear is all fuzzy as well. Probably normal, but unnerving nonetheless.

My sore throat is mostly gone, which is a great relief! You wouldn't believe how many times in a day one swallows.

I still have the hot/cold flashes from having a fever, I'm still sinusly congested. I'm still limited in breathing and have a cough. And although my body aches are gone my body is physically tired.

I am not the best sick person. I will do everything they tell me to do but I will bitch about it the whole time insisting I'm fine. You know I'm really not fine when I'm not arguing with you about how fine I am.

I did make myself a nice, hot, steaming, delicious cup of coffee this morning, however. Just for a tiny taste of normal life. I'm sure my body will rebel at some point (I don't know who taught it that, rebelling against coffee is just plain wrong,) but I will enjoy my yummy mug of Kona blend coffee to the very last drop.

I'm feeling.... introspective.... no, that's not right... reflective, I think(?), today. I can't quite come up with how to describe how I'm feeling but I'm in the mood to watch movies like V for Vendetta, Equilibrium, and UltraViolet.

I think I'll do that now.


(I can foresee having a lot to say again today.... being stuck in the fucking house again and all.)

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