Saturday, March 22, 2008

just another day...

I have stuff to do, a list of things actually, but nothing earth shattering. Just your run of the mill day-to-day stuff.

Millie and Tweak are getting baths today. I was waiting for the weather to warm up a bit and 50 is better than 30.

I have to get fabric at Joanne's. I need to make a million tug toys to sell at all of the flyball demonstrations we do. Plus I'd like to sell some at Camp too.

I need to stop by HD and pick up more tubing for handles; probably get more rope too.

I also need to go by Newbury Comics and get Season Two of the West Wing. I watched the first season's finale last night and I think I'm going to pull my hair out if I don't see what happens.

I should go and pick up more dog food and treats since Pacie ripped through the bag and ate about 10 lbs of dog cookies. The bad news is that he ate 10 lbs of dog cookies and looked extremely uncomfortable, and fat, for a few days. The good news is that I no longer have to try and put weight on him.

I have homework to do, plus I need to sign up for my next class, which starts Thursday, and buy books for said class so I can graduate in May. I really just haven't been into school lately and being sick didn't help.

Speaking of being sick, I'm better. I still tire more easily than before. I still can't hear shit, which makes the thought of me out on the road in weekend traffic not just a little bit scary.

I need to get in touch with Donna so we can add/change some stuff to her site. It's probably close to redesign time as well. Websites only last a few years before they get old. First I have to finish Susan's site and the 14 smaller ones she has hanging off of it. Add that to the list of things to do. I *must* have it done by Camp, that's for sure.

I'm babbling about nothing substantive. Time to get the day started.


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