Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Updated bucket list

As I've stated before, my bucket list isn't all that long. Compared to most people, it's dreadfully short and may seem incomplete. That doesn't mean *I* think it's incomplete, just that I recognize it might be in comparison to yours or someone else's.

A few weeks back, I remembered something that was missing from the list. I don't know how I missed it but I did.

So here's an updated list:
  • Learn to play a Lenny Kravitz song on a drum set.
  • Visit my friends in Australia.
  • Sit in a Paris restaurant with my dog.
  • Get something published - a picture, story, whatever.
  • Drive a professional monster truck.
There are other things that I *want* to do but very few that I *need* to do in order to feel like my life is or was complete.

As I said before, I have no idea why my list is so short. There could be a dozen reasons from me not being very imaginative to me being completely happy with my life. Who knows.

I took Tweak to work with me today. It was really nice out, we have that competition coming up, and there's a nice open area between two of the buildings that was just *screaming* for a dog to chase a frisbee on. She wasn't able to come into my office as dogs aren't allowed in the building so she stayed in the car. I took her out a few times during the day and threw the frisbee for her. We had fun!! Plus, the day flew by when it was broken up by me being able to play with her. I was just so excited she was with me. :)

It was actually a good thing that I brought her with me since she had diarrhea. :( If I hadn't brought her, she would've been stuck in a crate the whole day, which would've meant a really, really bad thing to come home to for me, and a really, really bad day for her. The only bad thing was that I broke 3 nails throwing the frisbee. Oh well.

Larissa and I went out for pizza and beer after work. The traffic going home *sucked* and she had to hang around the are to practice. We chatted about some serious girl stuff and had a great time doing it. :)

I'd fill ya in but you really just don't need to know... ;)


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