Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm reading...

I have 15 chapters split between 3 books to read tonight. It's a good thing I'm an excellent skimmer. Even so, it's gonna take some time so here's a shorty.

Work was sooooo much better than yesterday. Doesn't mean I couldn't use a beer tonight (which I will probably open), but I didn't want to cry myself to sleep like yesterday. Always a bonus.

Millie woke me up at 4am because of a hairball or something caught in her throat. I fell back asleep after completely panicking but it wasn't until 5:30am, which of course made me smack the shit out of my alarm at 6:20am, 6:30am, 6:40am and 6:50am until I got up at 7am. Thank goodness for snooze.

I've got about 50% hearing in one ear, still deaf in the other. I still can't hear myself singing in the car, but that's probably a good thing anyway. There's a reason why I don't sing in front of people y'know.

I started putting together an outline for a dream I had last week or the week before. I'm hoping for a book but it might just be a really long short story or something.

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks.


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