Monday, March 24, 2008

new things...

They say you learn something new everyday. I would agree with that statement as I am always learning new things.

For example, yesterday I learned that it doesn't really matter how loud the music in the car is, if you can't hear it, you can't sing well to it. Of course that is supposition since I couldn't actually hear myself singing. Ah well, I had fun anyway.

This morning I learned that alarm clocks are only effective if you can hear them. Something I could've guessed correctly if given the scenario hypothetically but not one that I thought of last night as I set it. Go figure.

Luckily, the puppy decided she had had enough sleep around the same time it went off and became a vulture - sitting next to my head and hanging over me until I woke up. She's so helpful sometimes.

I had a dream that I crashed and burned at the Tricks demo in a couple of weeks. That was nice. I'm hoping, of course, that the actual outcome is a little bit different. Since it was held in a Good Times/arcade type of place in my dream and not the Mass School of Law courtroom, I think I'll be ok.

I have 3 days left of this class and 3 speeches to record and submit so I doubt I'll get any West Wing time in tonight. I also have to create the outlines, power point presentations, and audience analysis for each. Talk about fun stuff.

Flyball practice went pretty well yesterday. She's coming along faster than I thought she would be. She spits the ball out over the first jump on her way back to me so we'll be doing a lot of retrieving and playing with the ball this week. Sans Freddie or he'll be hanging off her pants (long hair covering the back of her legs/ass) trying to get the ball. I'll change up her afternoon play time - bring the Chuck it down the park instead of the frisbee.

I caught up with Sue last night and had a bit of a meltdown. Too much stuff going through my head and she got the brain dump, the tears, the tantrum, all of it. I needed something to do while talking to her - y'know, keeping my hands busy, so I kinda demo'ed the bathroom. I have pink and maroon tiles on the bathroom walls. Hmm... I guess I should say I *had* pink and maroon tiles on the bathroom walls. Anyway, I don't like it, never have, and always planned on removing it. I really hadn't decided when I was going to do it but apparently it will now be soon.

It was better than having a cigarette. Speaking of which, I think today is 65 days. Go me.

I stopped by my grandparents after practice to give her a card and Easter present. Clearly it's not my thing, but it's hers and I respect everyone's beliefs. She was deaf, I was deaf, my aunt was interpreting for both of us - chock full of good times. :p

My grandfather is deteriorating fairly rapidly now. He no longer cares for himself like he should and he sleeps all the time. I don't think he will be around much longer and that saddens me to no end. He was a very strong man and I think if he had his wits about him, he'd be upset to see how much he's faded. I think the family will go through a very trying time at some point this year and I would do anything in this world to stop it.

I'm both excited to go to and dreading work today. Sigh.

Wish me luck.


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