Monday, March 3, 2008

The mind is a wondrous (and weird) thing...

Some random thoughts that popped into my head:

I like cheese. A lot. (This popped into my head as I was making lunch this morning.)

I need a personal shopper - someone to take me to stores, pick things out for me, tell me what looks good with what and what goes with what. (I'm a girl, but I have *no* sense of fashion. I think how bad I am with clothing might even be criminal in some states or countries.)

While I'm at it, I wish someone could also do my hair and makeup in the morning. (My hair is wash and go but it doesn't always look good that way. Styling it takes time I don't have. I'm ok with makeup, I just don't like a ton of it.)

One of my favorite authors released a sneak peek of the first chapter in her soon-to-be-released book - (WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON! Do NOT click on the link if you don't want to read about vampires, sex, wereleopards, sex, vampire executioners, sex, or sex. Seriously, don't.)

I miss someone right now...

I need to go to the mall and pick up more cream and bras. (Tweak has decided that my bras are fun to rip apart. I wouldn't mind as much if they were $10 maidenform bras but I'm pissed off since they're $50 FoH bras. The good part is that they have a few new styles out that I want to try and now I don't have to justify getting them. )

If I get my dragon tattoo soon, then it'll be all healed and beautiful by the time it's hot enough to wear tank tops.

I have zumba today. Terrie's probably going to bail on going with me. (She did, I went anyway.)

I need to re-wash every ounce of clothing I own because some of it smells like smoke and I don't like it.

While I'm at it, I should donate the stuff I don't wear or doesn't fit, which means I'll have to go to the mall to get more clothing. Wahhhhh! I need someone to just tell me what to buy and wear everyday.

I seriously need to catch up with homework.

Maybe now you'll believe me when I tell you that I think waaaaayyy too much for my own good. All of that popped into my head in a matter of about a minute or so. Not even kidding.


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